You Tube almost became the prey of hackers

The Google program to find weaknesses in the security of its services Vulnerability Research Grant continues to bring positive results. The essence of it is extremely simple: you need to try on quite legal grounds (with the permission of the company) to crack one of its services and, in case of luck, inform the security service about the breach found.

Distinguished our compatriot – a young programmer from Kazan Kamil Khismatullin, who decided to test the strength of video hosting You Tube. It took him only 7 hours to find a logical error that allows you to remove any video from the hosting using the session authorization code. According to Kamil, he managed to overcome the desire to remove all clips from the channel Justin Bieber.

BieberJustin Bieber’s video did not hurt

Of course, under the terms of the program, he immediately informed the organizers of this. The answer did not take long. Representatives of Google management thanked Kamil and paid a reward of $ 5,000.

According to Kamil Khismatullin, if a real hacker were in his place, the consequences of breaking into the prestige of You Tube could be the most serious.

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