ISS of the future with artificial gravity

DC United Space Structures (Washington) is ready to start building a new space station. From the current ISS it will first of all be distinguished by huge dimensions – 100 x 400 meters (diameter, length) and the presence of artificial gravity.

The space station will have the form of a giant fungus. This concept was suggested by the specialists of the company Bill Kemp and Ted Mazeika. Artificial gravity is created by rotating the station around the central axis at a speed of 4.22 rpm. The resulting centrifugal force will allow the crew and all objects at the station to avoid weightlessness.

ISS of the future with artificial gravity

And the main cylindrical body will rotate in one direction, and the mushroom dome – in the opposite direction. Such a design is necessary for arranging the docking module to which space ships will moor.

ISS will be building robots-spiders

In the dome will be located command center and materials necessary for the work of the crew. The creation of a new station for the calculations of developers can take up to 30 years, which is 3 times longer than the ISS. The assembly in orbit will be handled by special spider robots. The cost of the project can reach $ 300 billion .

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