LED clothes of the future

Almost every day the assortment of worn electronics is supplemented with another novelty. Among the countless gadgets you can find the most incredible things like solar panels in the form of pants or electronic buckles on shoes that sensitively fix the physical parameters of walking.

And now it’s time for clothes, in the creation of which not only the old kind sewing machine, but also the cutting-edge technologies are involved. Not surprisingly, the designers of unusual clothes were students of physics Cornell University Eric Bodet, Lina Sanchez Botero and Neil Reynolds.

Their collection they called “Glow” (Irradiance). As a material, they used bands of electroluminescent tapes, optical fiber fabrics, light-emitting diodes and sensors controlled by the Arduino device.

The future inspired us to this work, the authors of the collection proudly say. “It fully reflects our vision of the fashion of the future, where its functions are expanded and compatible with devices such as a smartphone.

An interesting function of LED clothes is to work in time with the surrounding music. First, the sensors determine the acoustic rhythm. Then, the Arduino microcontroller comes into play, triggering electrical impulses, from which lights and luminescent bands light up. Elements of clothing are made on a 3D printer in combination with laser cutting technology .

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