Ford S-Max

There are few drivers in the world who would not want to ride with the breeze, even if there are signs of speed limit on the road. The results are well known: at best, talking to a policeman and fine, at worst – an accident with severe consequences.

Specialists of the company Ford went not quite the usual way, deciding to provide “the right to vote” in the matter of high-speed mode directly to the car. The new model S-Max they equipped with an intelligent speed limiter.

Ford S-Max understands road signs

The system can read traffic signs and, if it is a question of speed limitation, then the car, without asking the opinion of its owner, will start smoothly dropping the speed to the specified limit.

And in this process, brakes are not used. The speed is reset due to the smooth regulation of the engine torque and the electronic regulation of the fuel injection.

However, in case of acute need, the driver can still intervene in the process by pressing on the gas. But this will only have a temporary effect. After the European premiere of the new system, Ford is going to promote it around the world.

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