The robot pilot is no longer a fantasy

After a terrible catastrophe in the French Alps of the Germanwings passenger liner, which killed 150 passengers, a global discussion arose about the need to keep two crew members in the cockpit. However, against this background (albeit very carefully) in the expert environment, opinions began to be expressed about partial and even complete replacement of pilots by robots.

In connection with the rapid development of control systems based on artificial intelligence, these ideas no longer look so fantastic. Passenger and commercial aircraft, thanks to modern software, make a significant part of the flight on autopilot, which accurately monitors the location of the liner with GPS.

UAV control point

So a recent poll among the pilots of the Boeing-777 showed that they were in manual mode, respectively, only 7 minutes, and their colleagues with Airbus – half the flight. The Pentagon is actively working on the creation of automated software for F-16 fighters. It is worth noting that the Armed Forces of the United States already has more than 11 thousand unmanned aerial vehicles controlled from the ground. The next step is to provide them with an autonomous control system.

Aircraft Centaur can fly without a pilot

DARPA already this year plans to begin testing a robot that performs the functions of a co-pilot who will be able to talk, listen, read documents and fly an airplane. And at this time, their colleagues from NASA are studying the possibility to entrust the management of commercial aircraft to robots. In this case, the ground control centers will remain a function of flight control .

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