Helm of pilot F-35

The F-35 fighter of the 5th generation of the US Air Force has already managed to become the owner of several records, in particular, by the number of the newest introduced technologies, and also by the cost of manufacturing.

The developer and manufacturer of the F-35 fighter-Lockheed Martin intends to produce it in three versions – with conventional, shortened and vertical take-off, which will cost the US taxpayers $ 83, 108 and $ 93 million, respectively.

The helmet of the pilot F-35 deserves special attention. Looking at him, it’s hard to imagine that once at the dawn of aviation it was just a warm leather protective headgear with a headset.

Helmet HMDS (Helmet Mounted Display System) is a modern system of augmented reality, a display with the functions of digital binoculars, tracking and aiming, night vision, anti-interference and a number of other equally important functions.

Helm of pilot F-35

It is “tied” with 6 cameras, mounted in the airplane covering and giving a real picture of the combat situation in the sky and on the ground. A helmet visor serves as a display. Versatility it adds the function of automatic adjustment to the face of any shape. The cost of this miracle of modern technology, as well as the F-35 itself, will be truly “sky-high” – $ 400,000.


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