ATGM Hermes

In the ancient Greeks, the god Hermes patronized exclusively peaceful occupations – trade, sport, cattle breeding, magic, diplomacy. His Tula namesake, the Hermes anti-tank missile system, has a completely different purpose – fighting tanks at great distances.

Specialists of the glorified Tula Instrument Design Bureau managed to solve the extremely difficult task for antitank weapons – striking at the enemy’s deep rear, where only the concentration and deployment of his armored forces begins before the offensive begins.

“Hermes” destroys not only tanks, but everything that is associated with their support and provision in the range of 25 to 100 kilometers. The complex was created in a modular scheme, which, depending on the tasks to be solved, can be applied from the ground, air and sea.

ATGM Hermes

In combination with external means of reconnaissance and target designation, Hermes fits perfectly into the concept of contactless war – it is fired and forgotten. First of all, attack helicopters, as well as small ships, land armored vehicles and drones will be used as carriers of the complex.

The main striking element of the complex is a guided missile with high-explosive fragmentation warhead with a semi-active homing head .

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